Why Fiberglass????


Our Fiberglass Process:

Our Factory uses the highest quality of polyester, & vinyl ester materials, specifically designed for the marine industry.  We also use around 30% more material in the manufacturing of your Swimming Pool which results in greater durability.  Additional proprietary reinforcement measures are implemented in our manufacturing and contribute to a Swimming Pool that could literally last for centuries.

Family Safety:

All models over 5' deep have a safety ledge (walk-around) that is 3' down from the water's surface.   This provides safety by way of a place to stand or walk around the perimeter of the pool for kids.

Make a Grand Entrance or Exit:

Several models have built-in seats which can be stepped onto from the edge of the pool and easily accessed from inside the pool making for safe entry and exiting for the whole Family.

Speed of Installation:

Much must faster than vinyl liner, gunite, or concrete pools. That means savings of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Durability Factor:

No resurfacing required. Thus fiberglass lasts forever with proper maintenance.

Less Chemistry:

saves you thousands upon thousands of dollars over the life of your pool due to tons of nooks and crannies that exist with gunite/concrete pools that enables algae growth; vinyl liner pools are notorious for such growth on the back side of the liner which requires much labor and chemicals to keep it at bay. 

Vinyl Liner Pools:

must replace the liner every 4 - 6 years on average at a minimum cost of $4,000 - $8,000.

Gunite / Concrete:

The limestone in the material will leech out over time then the pool deteriorates causing the need for resurfacing at a cost on average $10,000 - $15,000 on top of the much larger cost to start with vs. Fiberglass.

Smooth Sailing:

Fiberglass pools are smooth and non-irritating to the touch which is much better for pets & people in the pool! Concrete / Gunite causes abrasions or scraping with contact. No fun especially for the kids or the elderly!