Diagram of a Typical salt sys.


Salt Systems: Reality Check: TRUTH you never hear about!

Over Priced:

 much more expensive than typical Chlorinators by around 10X. 

Over Chlorinated:

 300 - 1500% more chlorination than needed or desired. 

Corrosion & Damage:

 Cause undue corrosion and damage to the pool (staining & fading), the equipment (salt attacks and is corrosive to the shaft, springs, bearings etc.) and the deck (delamination). 

Beware of Health Issues:


If you or anyone else is hypertensive (High Blood Pressure), when you swim in the pool, salt is being absorbed into your skin (your largest organ) and could have an adverse affect on your health.  

So PLEASE Check with Your Doctor on this.

Back-Washing Issues:


 1. Back-washing of the Salt System means Salt Water will come into contact with your lawn, shrubbery and trees. Salt is known to have a damaging impact. 

2.   Many municipalities prohibit back washing of Salt Systems due to salt intrusion in the fresh water supply.  Something to think about for those who are Environmentally-Minded. 

More Chemicals:


 Harder to maintain proper levels of chlorine and PH thus the need for addition of chemical stabilizers (thus added expense and chemicals to your swimming pool). 

Another thing to think about for those who are Environmentally-Minded.  

Other Effects:


 Not good for drinking by pets (way too much salt), the affect on color of your hair (can turn your hair green or other colors), bleaching effect on your swim gear (fabric), irritation to your eyes, ears,  nose, and existing skin conditions, etc.  

Chlorination Levels:


  Hatteras Pools are best maintained with a chlorination level of 1 ppm (part per million) which is lower than the requirement for municipal drinking water.  

 Fact: chlorination levels produced by Salt Systems typically exceed 300 - 1500% of that desired level.