Standard equipment package:



Hayward 1 HP Super Pump for 14' width and less OR a 1.5 HP for 16' width


Hayward 300 LB for 16 ' width OR a 250 LB for 14' width or less

Equipment Pad:

2' X 3' to house the Pump & Filter Units

Piping & Fittings:

1 1/2 " schedule 40 for all fittings and piping included

Main Components:

Hayward Skimmer PLUS 2 Return Lines (one at deep end, one at shallow end)

$1,000 + Bonus Package for Customers with Deposit within 14 days of Quote

 (No Exceptions due to the  High Value of this Offer!)

1. Timer for Pump: easily saves you 50% on the electric bill for your pool use vs. on all day long

2. Manual  Complete Vac System (vac head, vac hose, pole, nylon brush & net)

3. Thermometer

4. Start Up Chemicals

5. Test Kit (with Instruction by Factory to ensure you're fully ready for pool maintenance)

6.  Chlorinator: CL 200 In Line Chlorinator by Hayward